Download Free Audio Books for Nook

As was discussed in an earlier article about newspapers, magazines and comic books for The Nook, The Nook is so much more than your average eReader. Yes, The Nook and Kindle Fire both support video and music, which opens up a whole new world of entertainment to be enjoyed on your eReader. Although not quite as exciting, the ability to download and play audio books is something that a lot a readers on the go long for.

Thereís no doubt about it. Audio books are fantastic! Audio books make it possible to be swept away into the story of a novel, or to absorb the knowledge provided on any number of topics when you are unable to physically focus on the book. Whether youíre flying, driving, walking, waiting, commuting, or relaxing, an audio book is simply ideal for so many situations.

Support for audio books is actually pretty hit or miss for The Nook. There is no native audio book player, though you can play mp3s and other audio files, such as podcasts, through the default media player found on the Nook Color and Nook tablet. Podcasts can also be played this way. Keep in mind, there is no such functionality on the Nook Simple Touch. The audio is then played either through the mono speaker or via the headphone jack.

Unfortunatetly, the Nook Book Store doesnít even sell audio books. This requires Nook Color and Nook Tablet owners to look elsewhere for their audio book needs. There are a number of third party audio book providers, like, though you will find their prices are quite high. There are also a number of applications available for Nook Color and Nook Tablet, that will make downloading and playing audio books and podcasts possible, but again, they leave a lot to be desired.

From personal experience, Iíve found that the simplest way to get audio book files on your Nook is to simply download the audio files of the audio book (usually in mp3 or mp4) and transfer them over to your Nook as music. Remember, your Nook will recognize these files as music, and will be placed in the music folder on your Nook as a result.

Free Audio Books for Nook

Audio books can be quite expensive, so it is probably a good idea to opt for free audio books for Nook whenever possible. There are a number of free audio book websites out there for you to browse, though donít expect to come across any sort of comprehensive collection of titles. The good news is thereís no shortage of these audio book providers, and theyíre not very hard to find.

Many of the free audio books that you will find online are public domain, and thus, totally legal to download for free. Youíll definitely want to make sure the site you are downloading your audio books from has obtained them in a legal fashion. Copyright holders are cracking down harder than ever, and you definitely donít want to endanger yourself in any way.

Download Thousands of Audio Books Legally

Browsing dozens of free audio book websites, trying to hunt down specific audio books is far from fun. Some titles (older titles for the most part) can be found fairly easy, though youíll be searching for an audio book, and you wonít be able to find it anywhere!

I used to run into this problem time after time. Then I found out about BooksPlex. BooksPlex, without a doubt, has the largest collection of audio books that Iíve ever seen. Thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles, both literary classics, as well as many modern books, with new audio books being added on a regular basis. Everything is searchable, so youíll never have problems tracking down those hard to find audio books, and the audio book files are always the correct format for use on your Nook.

Best of all, BooksPlex obtains all their audio books and other content in a 100% legal fashion. Not only does this mean you no longer have to worry about getting in legal trouble, but you donít have to worry about viruses and other malware that runs rampant across the web and free download sites in particular.

BooksPlex isnít completely free, but between the huge collection of audio book (as well as ebooks, magazines, newspapers, comics, and more), and the fact that itís 100% legal. The $49 you pay for an unlimited lifetime membership is easily worth every penny.

Look at it this way. Your average audio book purchased through or any audio book retailer is likely to cost you $10, at the very least. If you listen to only one audio book every 3 months, then youíll have already saved some money with your BooksPlex membership.

If youíre anything like me, then the savings wonít stop there. With tens of thousands of other audio books, ebooks, newspapers, magazines, graphic novels, comic books, TV, movies, and more, youíre likely to save thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime membership to BooksPlex