Top Places to Download Free eBooks for Nook

The Internet has completely revolutionized the flow of knowledge and creative works in the information age. Information and art, that was once only accessible to those with the financial means to access it, is now easily enjoyed by any one with an Internet connection and a dash of tech savviness.

Ebooks were originally designed in the same fashion, with the ability to be easily shared and distributed among the masses. However, the vast majority of ebooks and other digital media is now purchased through providers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Although it is true that Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer a great collection of free ebooks for Nook, the vast majority of ebooks available through these online book stores must be paid for, and they don't come cheap either.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with authors receiving money in exchange for the value they put out into the world. In fact, they deserve it. But if you're like most people, you'll come to realize that paying full price for all your ebooks will cost you a fortune.

So, where can eReader users who are on a budget gain access to all the ebooks, audio books, newspapers, magazines, and comics that they want?

Luckily, there’s no shortage of sources for free ebooks for your Nook or other eReaders. Check out the list of sites below for a comprehensive collection of totally free ebooks and other media.

Best Free Ebook for Nook Websites

Kindle Book Store (, and their Kindle, may be the biggest competitor of Barnes and Noble and their Nook. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t still be a fantastic source of free ebooks for your nook. Simply navigate to their “Free Ebooks Collection” where you will find a bunch of older, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books, that are now in the public domain, and thus, free.

There are applications for other devices that make it possible to access the book on your Nook from you Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Phone as well.

Barnes and Noble Nook Book Store (

Barnes and Noble has their own online ebook store, comparable to that of the Amazon Kindle book store, though come in a special format designed specifically for the Nook. It’s actually likely you’ll find all the same stuff you’d find and Another benefit of the Nook Book Store is the direct integration with your Nook, making this the easiest option for downloading free ebooks, even if the collection is limited. Once again, like there are Nook applications that allow you to access your ebooks from the cloud on your Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Phone.

Project Gutenberg (

Project Gutenberg is the original free ebook project with over 36,000 free ebooks now in their collection. Project Gutenberg probably has the biggest collection of Kindle, EPub and other eReader formats. Each free ebook on the site has been contributed by volunteers, who also take the time to scan, reformat and edit the content for Nook use, and the quality is shockingly high.

Many Books (

Many Books is much like Project Gutenberg, a non-profit organization, with a whopping total of 29,000+ free ebooks for Nook, Kindle, iPad and other popular eReaders. A handful of new free ebook are added just about every single day, providing you with a regular influx of new material to consume. is a simple site, but the navigation is superb, making it easy browse free ebooks by title, genre, language, or author. Most books at ManyBooks come in an incredible choice of file formats, including those compatible with the Nook.

Wowio (

Love to read comic books and graphic novels? Well take a seat because you’re about to blown away by Wowio! Many of the comics and graphic novels found on will cost you a few dollars a piece, however, their massive library of free comic books and graphic novels is the real attraction. All the major publishers can be found on Wowio, and files come in a variety of Nook-friendly formats, including ePub, eReader, and PDF.

Google eBookstore (

Google, who has been known to try their hands at all things revolving around the Internet, have now tried their hand at ebook sales as well. Google offers a decent sized collection of ebooks, and their collection of free ebooks is quite impressive. It’s nowhere close to the size of Many Books or Project Gutenberg, but you can expect to see more free ebook titles released as the Google eBookstore gains more traction and popularity. Note that the ebooks at Google are not always compatible with eReadrs like the Nook and Kindle.

BooksPlex (BooksPlex)

Last, but not least, is BooksPlex. We saved the best for last because BooksPlex blows all other sources of free ebooks for Nook out of the water. BooksPlex has it all, including newspapers, magazines, comics books, graphic novels, and even TV and movies. Like the free ebook sources listed above, BooksPlex is 100% legal, more importantly, downloading free ebooks for your Nook is completely safe.

BooksPlex specializes in ebooks and other media made specifically for eReaders like the Nook. In other words, you’ll discover that all the files hosted at BooksPlex will work seemlesly with your Nook, Kindle, or any other eReader for that matter.

To be fair, BooksPlex isn’t completely free. Though, with the Thousands of titles available at BooksPlex to keep you busy will make the one-time fee seem totally insignificant. Only $47 gets you unlimited access to the premium membership area, with all the digital media you could possible want.