7 Reasons You Should Be Using eBooks and eReaders

Ereaders and ebooks have revolutionized the way Thousands of people consume (what was formerly) print media. Sales of ebooks and eReaders, like the Nook and Kindle, have grown exponentially as more and more people discover the convenience of reading books, newspapers, and magazines in an ultra portable digital format.

What Are Ebooks?

In the simplest of terms, an ebook is just a book that has been adapted to a digital format for easy navigation with an ebook reader or “eReader” device. Newspapers, magazines, and even comic books are now available on subscription and per issue basis.

Ebooks and other content are available through the official ebook book stores of Barnes and Noble (for Nook devices) and Amazon.com (for Kindle), and can cost anywhere between $1 and $30 per title. There are also a number of websites that provide discounted or free ebooks for Nook as well.

What is an eReader?

If you know anything about the Nook or Kindle, than you probably have a general idea of their use and purpose. An eReader is a large (usually around 7 inches) handheld device, equipped with wi-fi and/or 3G capabilities, and is the ideal method of reading ebooks and other digital content.

For a more detailed explanation of the features and benefits of eReaders, please see our overview of eReaders and The Nook.

Top 7 Reasons You Should Buy an eReader

If you have yet to experience the convenience, savings, and joy of using an eReader like The Nook, Kindle, or iPad - you may want to take a second look! See our list of the top reasons you should make the switch below.

1. Portability

I think everyone can relate to heading out of the house, whether for some quick errands or a week-long vacation, and contemplating whether or not bringing a book (or stack of books) with you to pass the time is worth the hassle of hauling them around with you the whole time. With 1000s of books already in your back pocket, there’s no question about it, your library is coming with you. Plus, with a charge that can last for weeks, you can even travel without your charger!

2. Instant Gratification

Sure, ordering paper books online is easy, but because all the ebooks you could ever want are now at your fingertips, getting your hands on your favorite books is faster and easier than ever. Simply download you content from the cloud instantly. Newer eReaders that fit more into the tablet form factor also make it easier to access and download free ebooks for your Nook from third party sources.

3. Convenience

Making the switch from paper to an eReader makes your life easier in so many ways. The ability to access any book from your digital library at any time will prove to a be regular convenience. But the small perks that you’ll only come across from time to time, are what will really make you happy you adopted the eReader. Like when you have to move 150 books to your new apartment.

4. Easy Reading

Although newer generations of eReaders have added all the bells and whistles, greatly expanding their functionality. However, reading ebooks is still their primary function, and companies like Barnes & Noble and Amazon continue to pay special attention to ensuring their eReader devices make your reading experience as enjoyable as possible.

The Nook, for example, allows you to modify fonts, zoom, highlight, and bookmark. The newer generations with LCD screens, like the Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire, aren’t the easiest on your eyes after extended periods of use. However, older generations, like the original Kindle and the Nook Smart Touch, make use of E Ink technology, which is almost identical to reading the print right of a page.

5. Android

Most major eReaders utilize some version of Android as their operating system. Android makes it easy to vastly expand the functionality of eReaders, like web browsing, games, music and video playback, email, and more. Perhaps the greatest benefit of Android is access to the Android Market of Apps. Most popular eReader devices support access to the Android Market, making what you can do with you eReader virtually limitless.

6. Get Free Ebooks

There are tons of great sources online for free ebooks for Nook and other eReader devices. Many books are made available for free through Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Many books that no longer fall under copyright protection are scattered around the Web as well. There are even sites that allow you to download all the free ebooks you want as a premium member. Whether or not you have money to pay for new books, one thing is for sure, you’ll never be bored with all the free material out there.

7. Affordability

One of the best things about eReaders is that you get all this earth-shattering technology for a super low price. EReaders cost anywhere between $79 and $249. On the cheaper end of the spectrum you have the E Ink devices which are ideal for those that just want to read. The more expensive models are actually more like tablets, and as far as tablets go, $200-$249 is nothing compared to the $600 you’d normally pay for other tablets.

Ebooks are also generally a bit cheaper than their in-print counterparts. However, it can cost you quite a bit of money to build up a large collections of books, newspapers, and other periodicals. This is why we strongly urge new eReader owners to take advantage of services like BooksPlex, so they can get unlimited access to all their favorite content for a low one-time fee.