Free eBooks for Nook, Kindle and other e-Readers

So, you just got your Nook from Barnes & Noble, and youíre ready to load it up with eBooks from your favorite authors, as well as newspapers, magazines, and comics.

You head over to the popular ebook stores, only to discover that itís going to cost way more than expected (sometimes as much as $25 each!) to get all those books you wanted. That subscription to your favourite newspaper and sports magazine are going to cost you quite a bit too. Itís no secret that most online eBook stores can be extremely expensive.

What the major stores donít want you to know is that you can download all the free eBooks for your Nook that you want for a low one-time fee. It costs about the same as just 4-5 ebooks from the official stores, youíre likely to save hundreds of dollars in the first year alone, and itís 100% legal.

Get Unlimited Access to 80,000+ eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers and Comics - Only $47.00 for a LIFETIME Membership to BooksPlex.

Download Free eBooks for Nook

BooksPlex is perfect for Nook owners who want to load their device with eBooks and other content without having to spend a fortune to do so. An Unlimited Lifetime Membership grants you access to more than 80 thousand eBooks, including many modern novels and long-time literary classics. As well as recent issues of many popular magazine, newspapers, and even comic books.

BooksPlex has eBook downloads for all kinds of devices. Including other eReaders like Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Mac.

To get unlimited access to 80,000+ titles for only $47, simply:

  1. Join BooksPlex - The premiere eBook service on the internet.
  2. Login and search for the eBook, audio book, newspaper, magazine, or comic of your choice.
  3. Download and transfer the content to your Nook as you normally would.

Download Free eBooks for Nook - 100% Legal and Safe

There are other places to download free ebooks for Nook, but none can compete with the massive collection of content that BooksPlex provides. BooksPlex does not violate copyright laws in anyway, and you can download as much material as youíd like, without any restrictions.

BooksPlex is not a P2P sharing site, and does not require use of bitTorrent or other P2P sharing software. In other words, their downloads are totally safe and youíll never find a virus or any other malware in the files you download.

You wonít find a more massive library of eBooks anywhere else.

Get a Premium BooksPlex Membership Today and thereís no limit to what You Can Read, Watch and Do with your Nook.

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